Nothing’s Permanent

I wish I could like this 1000 times…Beautiful beyond words!


Tell me where to go, tell me what to do. I’ll be right there for you. Tell me what to say no matter if it’s true, I’ll say it all for you.When you make a wish and blow out the candles, why do you do it that way? Shouldn’t you blow the candles out and then make one, so you’re not blowing your wish away? Ever wish you could get a glimpse, because you feel your life stinks? Jumping into a relationship, without using your ability to think. Maybe you’re not in a relationship, and you think you’re as happy as can be. When all along you need that someone, to make your life complete.People wish upon a falling star, but I never understood why. Wouldn’t you rather make a wish on a star, that could actually stay up in the sky? Married couples want to…

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​About the author

My dearest friend – he shines like a beacon on dark nights, and calls like a songbird guiding through foggy days. His words are as radiant as the moon, and illuminating as the sun.

The tinkerings of a polymath

In writing this blog, I feel like a man who is standing on a peaceful cliff looking down on a raging torrent, knowing that he must plunge into it to save a drowning child, yet aware of the possibility that both he and the child may be dashed to destruction and death before the rapids are cleared. But my duty is clear to me, and it shall not be said that I cared more for my personal safety than I did for the life of that beautiful, innocent child. I shall take the child over those terrible rapids, and even though I am battered to pieces when we reach the calm waters below, she must still be the same lovely little girl she always was . . . for in her resides the whole future human race.

Now I find myself…

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​Power of love

Sublime verse.

My paltry commentary: To have this love for oneself will lead you to great depths of truth. To seek this love externally is to hold empty hands in longing. There is no other way to be love. There are no actual words for love. It is a verb, not a noun

The tinkerings of a polymath

A real nobility of passion lends wings and that is why the best test for gauging the sublimity of a love would be to note how decisively it develops in the direction of a greater freedom of spirit. The more spiritual the affection, the less it sucks up into itself and the stronger its impulse towards action.
With a fullness no man has conceived you realized, through your reincarnation, love’s threefold dream: to be so enveloped in the object of love as to be absorbed in it endlessly to intensify its presence and, without ever knowing surfeit, to be lost in it.

To adore . . . that means to lose oneself in the unfathomable, to plunge into the inexhaustible, to find peace in the incorruptible, to be absorbed in defined immensity, to offer oneself to the fire and the transparency, to annihilate oneself in proportion as one becomes more…

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Flesh and bones’

“We are but flesh and bones” so beautiful, could think on this for days. Enjoy a beautiful poem. Does love make us greater than flesh and bones?


Flesh and bones

(Need a positive poem. Life is to be celebrated. Each day is a gift.)

I fell from the top of the mountain.

I stood with so many victories.

I realized too late.
They don’t mean too much.

Beautiful young woman sitting between my legs.

She looked up.
Told me, “It don’t matter anyway.

We are only flesh and bones.”

I sat by the ocean.

Watching the her  power and  beauty.

The ocean is heartless.

So dangerous and tempting.

Woman with sad eyes sat with me.

She wished she was a better person.

I told her.

We are but flesh and bones.

In time we will fade away to distance memories.

I gave everything away.

I roamed with the poets and the musicians.

We sat late into the night together on lonely Monterey beaches.

Drinking and talking of things that was and were to be.

The singer sang a…

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Cleaning Up With Damn, Girl

One of my favorite bloggers on WordPress. If you don’t follow her, do it. Do it now. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you. Or am I?

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

Growing up, cleanliness and order were never priorities in my house. My family of five lived in a van until I was about four, my siblings and I sharing a chest of drawers for a bed. As fucked up as that is, it’s still a little bit adorable, admit it.

Once we settled into a bit more space, that space was decorated in the classic “insane petting zoo from hell” style. At one point, I shared my bedroom with seven chickens.

With thirty-seven cats, three dogs, five screaming peacocks, two horses, an angry little pony, six goats, and a very energetic hoarder to manage them all, my childhood home could turn the strongest of stomachs.

I have fond memories of our unneutered male pygmy goat “Bill” rising proudly from the open trunk of one of our many broken down cars and chasing the school bus. Every morning, with his little…

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