Awakening the Goddess Within

I am pleased to share my newest poem, Awakening the Goddess Within.  The YouTube link takes you to the video with images and my voice recording. Please check it out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more original content.

I’ve hated my poor body for as long as I can think

I stared into this mirror wishing my fat would shrink

Diets upon diets, but they just called me fat

Until I started starving, feeling strong though I was weak

I’d jam my fingers down my aching throat

Retch burns as it burst forth

Sobbing in the toilet

Too sick to see my worth

Retching until bleeding and losing clumps of hair

But still it begged the question:

Is this life worth more than death?

I couldn’t stand to see me naked

Slivered silver stretch marked flesh

All I saw were rolls and numbers, shadowing the love

I tortured this poor body

With cuts, with men, with hate

Smiling when I’m starving

Puking when I ate

They insisted I must lose it

But all I heard was hate

I sacrificed my mind

My smiles

And my time

When they said to lose it, I sacrificed myself

When they said to lose it, there was no thought for health

Slivered silver knife wounds slice

Torturing the pounds and sense of self

For the sweetness of changing scales

Irrelevant extras vs larges

Even though I am no fool

If they want you to feel sexy, I could be a 12

But just two racks over, 18 and purging hell

The hatred coursed inside of me

A black beast upon my soul

I found those who could feed me

The pain I craved to know

If you were fool enough to love me,

I’d be sure to make you change

I love you could never fulfill me

When I hate you is what I crave

It wasn’t until I started seeing

The goddess here inside

Standing naked and resplendent

A Venus in her shell

Aphrodite’s tears are blood red

As so many of us know

They tell you you’re unworthy

They tell you to lose those pounds

They tell you that some makeup

Is the cure to all your frowns

They tell you to win the guy now

They tell you to keep him close

They tell you all the ways to hate you

Because they want you on your toes

You need to consume their fixes

Unworthy little hoes

It wasn’t until I saw the sacred

Silver slivers of a tiger

Who’s been to war in me

The scarred skin of a soldier

When the treaty begged for peace

This body has created life now

My body nurtured four

They just sat in judgement

Some called me a fucking whore

Because I just can’t win here

And I no longer care

I’m not here to please them

And I won’t make my heaven hell

I came play and love here

Because I am the goddess inside

I am naked in the moonlight

Silver slivers of my soul

Transcendence of Selene,

Transforming silver into gold

I am one with love and nurture

I am nature’s warrior soul

I’m in love with crown to root here

I cannot please them worth a damn

They say to hide away here

So I flay my soul more bare

I shine brightest in my darkness

Because I won the war in me here

And I no longer have a care

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13 thoughts on “Awakening the Goddess Within

    1. Robbie, thank you for this praise. I’m so humbled by your feedback and I appreciate it so much.

      Yes, it’s been a long road for me, but healing began once I really saw why this self hatred started in the first place. Why did I want to hurt myself so badly?

      Thank you for reading my poetry ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I absolutely love this this and this is like some of my poems I write about beauty, what people say to look like and how to be and all that jazz when in reality, true beauty is within. And you have awakened her lovely, this is a beautiful write up, did you write this one free spirited also? This is amazing. You hit every point on what true beauty is and what beauty is not supposed to be. A lot of women out there be looking lovely, but if you don’t have control of your life, inside you’re ugly. Awaking the Goddess inside is taking control, that’s why you are beautiful, just like your words.🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear, thank you so much. Yes, let me tell you this story as it’s funny. I was joking around with two of my dear friends, making silly poems
      About our shared anatomy and an art project involving prints of the female form – like stamps of vaginas basically. I
      Thought this was hilarious and I couldn’t stop giggling with my silly poems. Out of the blue,
      Quick as a lightning strike, this poem idea came to me. I penned it as quickly as I could, and tweaked it over maybe one or two revisions. But realistically the tweaks were so minor to make the flow better and to bring more moon imagery.

      So yes, this was as free as it can get, stemming from me being my usual goofball self. Hehehehehe

      And yes, this poem was an homage to that beautiful,
      Beautiful state of self acceptance. I’ve spent too long staring in someone else’s mirror and dancing to someone else’s drum. This world is mine, and I create it all. I’ll not let some
      Other shabby artist paint the beauty of my sky ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, that’s awesome…..that’s basically another awakening but you’re already up. It’s like an intervention reinvention type of thing. The way you come up with your poems and inspiration is awesome and I love it, it’s like a carefree muse.
        And the only drum you should walk to lovely is your own because your tune is the only beat that matters. It’s your pen, your book….so you write how you want, pick your own cast and your own plot. Your beautiful cover, and no one can change that.❤️🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️


      1. You really conjured up a strong peace. It is the highest form, if one is able to dig deep and transform hurt into something that beautiful. You are very welcome in more than just one way. 🙂


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