I want you

I want you to undress me with your tongue

Unhook my inhibitions

As you slip me out of these no’s

Caress me out of these limitations

Lay me down in thorn pricked rose


I want you

I want you to tear me apart completely

Sink your teeth into my lies

Your hands encircle a pale white throat

As you choke on all my cries

Sip me like a fine wine

Until I can’t say slow this down

Hurry up, but slowly

It’s in your eyes I like to drown


I want you

I want you to fuck me like a rag doll

Tossed and dirty on the floor

Pull my hair and tell me

who’s your dirty little whore

But don’t make me Beg, please

It’s been so long I’ve waited

My life is left in ruins,

And the gods are desecrated

It’s time to change the game


And I need to feel this death


I want you

I want the little death inside me

As the life courses throughout

I want to know how a supernova

Feels inside of this black hole

I want to feel the sun consume me

While the moon watches our show

I want you to come

And find me

I want you to finally know

I’m ready And I’m Waiting

And I’ve forgotten all I know

NIN – Closer


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