I Cannot Worry About The Future if I Am Experiencing My Present

Right now I’m reminding myself frequently: I cannot worry about the future if I am experiencing my present.

That does not mean I don’t have thoughts or worries about the future. It simply means I redirect my focus to the present. In the mental hospital, I was taught a grounding exercise: identify things through the five senses. What do I see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Feel?

Not surprisingly, there are many types of meditation that teach this presence and mindfulness is taught as a way to connect with now.

I also learned positive affirmations in the mental hospital and from my psychologist. This is very similar to a powerful invocation called the Sankalpa, or your heart’s desire. You meditate quietly for a few moments, then allow something you want to arise from a place that transcends your thinking mind.

In any of these practices: grounding, mantra, Sankalpa, mindfulness, meditation, etc. gratitude is fundamental to reaching these states. Gratitude is a place that transcends the ego, the anxiety, and the depression because it places power outside of your thinking mind. If a few moments are taken to see and appreciate everything – good and bad – by acknowledging everything has happened to bring this moment, the ego becomes quiet, confused, and powerless. Gratitude helps with acceptance too. In my journey, being thankful for being bipolar taught me to stop fighting being bipolar. In any situation, I guide my focus to gratitude. Even the worst situations, I can still be thankful I’m breathing.

Once gratitude helps center, I can “hear myself think” better. This is when positive affirmation or Sankalpa helps. It’s a statement in the present of something you wish to accomplish. My first Sankalpa was “I am peaceful, loving, trusting whenever I am confused or upset” this arose as a need for me to shift because as soon as my moods did what my moods do, or depression made me feel worthless, etc. I question every decision I’ve ever made, doubt myself, and worry about my entire journey.

Pretty quickly, I saw this shift. I couldn’t say how specifically, but I started listening to myself and trusting myself more. I recited the Sankalpa after connecting with gratitude and repeated it three times. I also recited it before meditating and bed.

Right now, my Sankalpa is “I am love”. This has led me to stop getting into my head about the future and experience the present instead. Love is action, not a noun. It’s a dynamic, ever changing energy. Love is not clinging or fear, so worrying about the future is the opposite of love.

If these practices are of interest, hop on YouTube. There are guided meditations to set a Sankalpa, to connect with mindfulness, and gratitude practices. I do general searches and just pick whatever I feel pulled to pick. This helps to connect with intuition too. If the spirituality side of things feels weird, check out positive affirmations and I Am statements, mindfulness exercises for depression or anxiety, and try journaling 3 gratitudes daily. It’s the same, just different words and more or less talk of God.

Do things that resonate with you and you alone. Never force a practice that doesn’t resonate or force yourself to do anything a certain way because someone else does it. All the self help books, guides and all this have good intentions, but each of us walks differently with different feet, shoes, and baggage. Meet yourself where you are at and with what you want, and find the resources that support and work for you. At the end of the day, being in your life and experiencing your life now is what is important. Not the past, not the future.


6 thoughts on “I Cannot Worry About The Future if I Am Experiencing My Present

  1. They often say the past already happened, the future hasn’t happened yet, so focus on something in your control and that’s the now. If you’re not trying to build a time machine, at least pay attention to the time your in😉. Those are some good exercises for the mind to keep you grounded, and you are so right…you can’t get caught up on what everyone else is doing because you’ll end up being their prisoner. Live your life, your present is a gift. Great post lovely.🌹🌹

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    1. Thank you my dear!!! It’s true, we live from One inhale to the next exhale and that’s it. My dad used to say God laughs when you say you’re in control. Now I laugh at how worked up I get over nothing. Ram Dass spoke of the great cosmic joke, and I see it now as I laugh when I try to act like I know any more than what is on my plate in the here and now. Always glad for the experiences that brought me here, thankful for the ups downs and in betweens. We all know life changes in seconds, so why sweat the past? ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Exactly lovely, we only make plans when we want to laugh at ourselves in the future. Rumi said “I was clever so I tried to change the world, today I am wiser so I am changing myself.” We can only control what we can and that’s the things we do. Let the past stay there, leave the future to the psychics and stick to what we know😉♥️♥️! Right.


  2. We are not able to change any aspects of our past, so looking towards the future is the best way to live our lives. I feel like many things in life are not controllable because I tend to think that control is only an illusion. We make choices and sometimes they work well and others they do not, but it is all a learning experience and often a hard lesson will be learned. This was truly a wonderful post!

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    1. Yes indeed. If we can be happy now, we plant good seeds to grow into our future. But if we constantly seek happiness, we plant seeds of seeking happiness in the future. I used to think I could control everything and drove myself nuts. I remind myself constantly I can’t even control my next breath! And to your point: we always learn more from failure than success ❤️ thank you for reading, chica!

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      1. I could not agree with you more! Planting good seeds will bring happiness to the future. I also used to believe that I could control everything and certainly tried to, but now I realize control is only an illusion. We are only able to control how we react and even then it might be difficult.

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