Should’ve had that Coke

Dharma is the way of life. To be one with your dharma is to trust and understand (not know) that your life is always just so. Complete and utter perfection. Everything you do is meant for you to do, because it is happening. If it was not meant to be so, it would not happen. It is impossible otherwise.

Karma is your thinking mind. It is the fruit of your action. Karma happens when you question doubt or deviate from

Dharma. The Buddha stressed there is no bad karma. That is because there is no scorekeeper punishing you except you. Karma comes when you question life as it is just so.

Say you want a coke but you doubt and question and ultimately get a sprite. Well, had you gotten the coke, x would Have happened. You created karma in your thinking and getting sprite. X will still happen, but there is now t, u, and v in the way of coke and x which will still Happen. And there is nothing bad about the sprite, nor the thought, just karma.

So the only punishment comes from you wishing for that coke and questioning your sprite decision.


5 thoughts on “Should’ve had that Coke

  1. I so agree with you. They say things happen for a reason and I believe they do, because you create those circumstances in some shape or form and then it plays out. The mind is a very powerful toy, I believe people create their own bad luck sometimes, it’s just like your coke theory. If you think hard enough that something will go wrong, nothing will go right because in turn you’ll create a wrong situation just to please your thinking. The mind has to be right and that’s karma, the need to be correct in any situation. If I tie your hands with dental floss and convince you that you can’t escape, then you’ll be a prisoner. If I shake a coke and a sprite, it won’t matter which one you have, you’re gonna get wet…..unless you choose water.😉. Nice post lovely, totally agree it’s all in the mind.

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    1. Yes! That image of the horse tied to a lawn chair comes to mind when I think of this stuff. Our beliefs and judgements create joy or suffering if your mind is undisciplined. “A wonderful serving but terrible master”

      I definitely believe things happen for a reason but I’m letting go of the attachment to find out why. I’m actually trying to eliminate why from my vocabulary as it is a useless question. What or how are productive but why did this happen or whatever is useless. There is no why. In a grand enough continuum anyone can see that anything “bad” has actually served good and vice versa. It’s then connecting with a real faith – but beyond faith – understanding that the universe is for you as much as you are for the universe. It’s impossible not to be as you are all part of the same process. Like heads and tails of a coin. The elimination of duality can make life so much clearer, but that must come from doing away with a notion of punishment except to see you’re the only one punishing yourself!

      How have you been my dearest?

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      1. Exactly lovely, or the elephant on the chain at the circus. We create our own prison which is why we can also make our own key if we choose to do so. A slave to the mind but we’re still thinking we’re free.

        Yes, things happen for a reason but the only why in existence is the letter. You can’t ask why something happened when you created the circumstances. It’s all about how it happened, that’s the logical question. You are absolutely right. Remember though, sometimes life comes with that two headed coin….that’s when people make their own roads of fate. But we are our own factor.

        I’ve been good lovely🌹🌹🌹

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      2. I love your comments. You always add depth to my deep waters 😊 I’ve been feeling stuck lately – like I need to do something be something whatever it is, yet I don’t really know what. I’m actually kind of going counter to my mind. When I feel the urge to rush or worry or whatever, I get more still, more quiet, do less. I’m tired of the life of beating myself into submission, so I’m just letting go of all of it. I just see no reason to push anymore. And when that happens, I start feeling pulled. It’s interesting. At the end of it, and I think you have it nailed down pat: never ever take yourself too seriously ❤️

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      3. I add depth to your deep waters😂😂, you think like I do. You know what lovely, a pessimist and an optimist can never be the same height because they’ll never see eye to eye.😉. Why are you feeling stuck? It’s in the mind, our situation is just like a television channel, all we have to do is change it. The only thing that stops us from doing something is the unknown and the unknown is fear. Spontaneity is what I am…🃏, worry about other bridges when I come to them, move and keep moving. Don’t be still!! If you find a reason to stop fighting then that means you’ve won, have you won? Motion is motion, positive or negative, just don’t be idle. If you’re being pulled, pull back but pull with a smile. You gotta laugh in life lovely cause if you don’t, then you won’t be happy. We can get a lot of mileage with smiles.😉


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