Your Best Lover

Be your own best friend, your own company, and your first true love.

Buy yourself flowers, don’t wait for him or her.

Treat yourself like the god or goddess you are, and no one can take your smile- because you know it’s there for you.

Listen to your heartbeat and remember it’s yours. Keep the key to your happiness in your own pocket. Don’t give it to any hand that is not yours.

Give the love you are, because we are verbs: not nouns.


25 thoughts on “Your Best Lover

      1. Very true, can’t find love if you don’t know the definition of “like”. And you’re right, a woman who can’t love herself can’t expect to be loved first, you are to wise, and I like the analogy. Reminds me of when the doctor told me I was colorblind, it came from out of the purple. 😂😂😂

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      2. And of the truth Of love, no words will adequately suffice. For no concept, word, symbol can adequately capture what is. In all the Love songs and stories, people lie lost in illusion of what is just beyond the tip of their fingers.

        The Buddha sat twirling a Rose in silence. Only one understood and was enlightened.

        “A Rose by any other name…” Shakespeare

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      3. “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor….If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart….If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.” Shakespeare

        The pain a soul must battle with when dealing with a lovely thing called love. A wonderful thing to have but yet so hard to find with the naked eye. Twenty twenty vision or a powerful prescription won’t help you see it’s full possibilities. Let the heart be your guide until dreams and reality collide.

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      4. Feels like you were reading my journal! Wrote nearly the same note to myself last night.

        The way I’m seeing it: The Buddha did not teach to want nothing/desire nothing because we aren’t supposed to want anything…I think he was trying to open our eyes to see nirvana/samsara are the same place – right here and right now. To want something is to place it out of your reach, to believe it is yours and take the steps to make it so – to create your dream into reality – I think is where you create nothing expected, non duality, and nirvana. In the present moment, in your heart mind.

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      5. Reading your journal huh? Nah, I’d never peek and tell.🙂

        I like the way you see things, interesting fact.
        “A man once told The Buddha, “I want happiness”. The Buddha replied, “First remove I, that’s ego. Then remove want, that’s desire. And now all you’re left with Happiness”

        Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Change nothing, nothing change. Be the change you want to see in the world is what is said. Dreams are just dreams to some, to others they are plans.

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      6. ❤️ one of my favorite quotes. My most favorite is “no man can create suffering like an undisciplined mind”

        To me, the Buddha was teaching all of us how to stop the very mental illnesses that plague so many today – myself included.

        We’re all the gods and devils creating our own heaven and hell. Perspective will show you which is which.

        For me, it’s a struggle between expecting nothing and wanting nothing. Can you do both? Then I realize: if I seek validation – breathe. If I can inhale and exhale, I’m exactly where and as I’m meant to be – I’m here. Then I can keep going. Whether it’s forward or backwards – I can’t see the whole picture, so I can’t know.

        The more I do – write, etc – I act my dream. Every word created is manifesting a dream. Then I smile more.

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      7. Ah, I like that!! We create our own Heaven and Hell, it’s what we make for ourselves…..good point. A favorite quote of mines is “I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none.

        They say expectations brings disappointments so it depends on what you want. To do both is a contradiction between the two, it’s like want to inhale and exhale, you can’t have one without the other but get both at the same time🤔…..or can you? The middle ground isn’t where a person wants to be forever, that’s just contentment, you reach that place by coincidence. But there are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences is what I’ve been told. But I know every motion whether it’s front or back is a positive motion because you’re changing scenery. We all have our pens, so we write our stories in life.

        The more we write, the more we star in our own show. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars! So you’ll still be able to smile bright.

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      8. Were all our own self fulfilling prophesies 😊

        The name of God is I am that I am. As I look back on my life: I’ve never been wrong with my I Am statements. My life reflected my belief, no matter how I tried to say otherwise. I am shit made a shitty life, and right now: I am a writer. Doesn’t matter where it goes from there. I stopped saying I want to write and started doing something about it.

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      9. Very true, why walk on a road already made when we can pave our own 😉

        We can not do nothing about the past, it already happened, nothing about the future because it hasn’t come yet. The only gift we have to worry about is the present and that’s what we control. You’re right, stop wanting and start getting! “Always go the extra mile, it’s less crowded there.”

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      10. I forget who wrote it..Alan Watts said it in a seminar but I think he was quoting Lao Tzu – if you’re depressed, you’re in the past, if you’re anxious, you’re in the future. Both are illusions. You have only now.”

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    1. Completely agree. Ram Dass said: “help yourself. You cannot help another – you can only help yourself. Wanna help your family? Help your kids? That’s your ego. Help yourself”

      I’ve realized now, I can either choose happiness and love for me and let life flow with me, or I can chase it in trying to create something outside of me. ❤️

      As long as I can lay my head on my pillow, happy with myself…I have no problems.

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