23 thoughts on “Lunatic

      1. 🌹I don’t make it easy to smile, you must be looking into a mirror
        “Throw a roses into abyss and say: Here is my thanks to the monsters who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive” Nietzsche❤️❤️

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      2. The abyss is my home, endless possibilities lie shrouded in darkness where many too sane to swim…
        “Women are considered deep – why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them.” Nietzsche

        ….would seem the depths know no depth

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      3. Many consider darkness a bad thing but it’s not, it’s simply misunderstood being how it walks hand and hand with light…
        “Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than being misunderstood.” Nietzsche

        “There are no beautiful surfaces, without a terrible depth.” Nietzsche 🌹

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      4. I could not agree more. Yin and Yang, moon and sun, non duality is the key to seeing nothing is actually bad or good. I’ve learned more in my tears than my smiles, and my scars have more stories than a pretty face.

        He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. – Nietzsche

        To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering – Nietzsche

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      5. And I’d never agree less with you. Duality is the thing that connects everything together, that’s why it’s all cohesive, opposites attract for a reason. Think outside the box, there is no box…the Earth is round. Criticism are the schoolbooks from which we learn today, we need failure to succeed.

        “Some people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Nietzsche

        “The doer alone learneth” Nietzsche

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      6. When I realized to look not at the differences but at the similarities, my eyes opened to a world unlike any other.

        There are days where moods do what they do, but on the whole – I see a tapestry of perfection. I don’t see mistakes or misfortune, merely the inspiration and ingredient of true beauty.

        A Rose has thorns, a rose grows where other flowers wilt and die. In dry and rocky soil, their blooms are biggest.

        Then, I see, there’s no reason for fear – which is the shadow of love, and “love is the light” – Nietzsche

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      7. When a person learns to look as you have, then they have truly opened their eyes. You have learned to look beyond your own two eyes.

        Moods come and go and that comes with feelings and that’ll never change but as a whole, you now see both sides of the card. You see reason before blame, you look inside and that’s lovely. You see the Beauty within the Beast.

        Even the driest place can produce flowers and you can make a cactus beautiful if you look at it that way. The end isn’t the end, it’s just a new beginning in a new stage in life.
        “Love Your Fate, which is in fact your life.” Nietzsche

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      8. ❤️❤️❤️🌹 find the beauty in your tears was one of my first mantras to myself.

        To pull in my other inspiration: “until you bring the darkness to light, the unconscious conscious, it will control you, and you will call it fate” Jung

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      9. And a beautiful mantra it is❤️🌹❤️ and there is so much truth in that because you can see your reflection in your tears.

        “Only those willing to walk through the dark night will be able to see the beauty of the moon and the brilliance of the stars.” Socrattes Villegas

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      10. And it’s in embracing your shadows, you become whole ❤️ to ignore them is to project the darkness in every person you meet. Creating demons and devils in sunshine or at night.

        I’ve said before: I’ve been in hell many times. Ive learned to snuggle under my blankets and be grateful for their warmth. If I can make hell cozy, there are no words for what heaven is. And sometimes it’s cuddled under those same blankets.

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      11. That’s why beauty is a curse in this world, because it hides the true monsters among them. But your eyes can see beyond the shadows of people and you see inside, you have a lovely eye indeed, I commend you. And if we can see our own faults then we have began the journey of opening the third eye.

        Hell on Earth and Heaven on Earth, like you said, it’s where you make it. Place your paradise, order your oasis and sit in your sundry and soak up the view. Love what you make and make what you love.

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      12. Oooh love that you brought up the third eye. I’ve been wondering this so much lately. Is there a sign my eye is open? I’ve googled it. Hahahaha.

        Then I realized: I can see inside, I can feel inside, I can hear inside. It’s not opening like the physical eye, it’s seeing what has always been there, just ignored by eyes wide shut.

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      13. Hahaha! Yes, the third eye…chakra. If you can see more than the average person, if you are willing to look beyond the norm maybe your third eye is open, or always have been. 😂😂

        If you can feel, sense and see things without even saying or having someone say it. It’s almost subconscious thoughts that just reached out and grabs you. Ever had your reflexes talk to you? 😉

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      14. Last night, I was whining at myself about something and I stopped and took a few breaths. No sooner had I finished, then I had the insight I was overlooking. Blink! Epiphany!

        Yes – I think my greatest struggle has been: nothing feels different. I’m literally accepting shit that I always thought made me crazy. Everything was filed under “crazy” then people started saying “gifted”, “genius”, “goddess”

        So it’s not so much anything new, it’s realizing what I’ve had all along is what makes me what I am. Duh? Hahahahahaha

        For me, it’s faith and trust – in myself. It’s where I’ve never allowed myself and always listened to others. Now, I’m determinedly on my own path. Like you said – it’s better that way. It’s hard, because there is a lot that hs cost me lifelong friends, and I’ve questioned/lost my sanity, but I’m still here rocking it, so hey.

        I think a zen writer said something like awakening/enlightenment is the same as everyday life. Nothing changed yet everything has. For me, it’s seeing all my negatives/weaknesses are my greatest strengths 😊😊😊

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      15. I love epiphanies, they are such an eye opening experience, you see what I mean!😉

        You can’t think that everything stays the same. We change every moment, and every day. You know, crazy people are the ones most in touch with reality🤪, accept gifted, goddess and genius.

        As soon as you start accepting who you are and stop being what people want you to be, then you’ll be happier. What’s in you is what you take. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationary so accept it.

        It’s all about faith and trust because the only opinion that matters is your own. Walk your own path, be your own leader and if you’re happy then others should be happy for you, the ones who aren’t don’t belong. If you can admit you’re lost, you know where you’re going more than the person with a road map and you’ll find your way so rock on!!!

        Your weakness are your greatest strengths and by realizing that, pain is weakness leaving the body being replaced by strength.


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