The Light

Beautiful introspective poetry! So glad to have found!


Let my light shine,
Life is like moving through a maze blindfolded.
Every turn presents its own valuable moments.
Sands of time slipping through my fingers,
This sparks a lust to follow my heart,
Sincerely no longer want to be in the dark,
I just want to shine like E.T.โ€™s finger.

It lingers,
This feeling in my gut.
Despising having been in a rut,
I gather up torches as I strut,
Valiantly walking towards my destiny.

I seek my inner light.
How is my soul meant to glow,
When itโ€™s cast among the shadows?
Confined in the prison of my mind,
Is an incandescent cloak of honesty.

The truth is:
The reason for my can-do attitude;
The tool through which I express my gratitude;
My excuse for silence because Iโ€™m considered rude.
The truth is,
The fuel for all of my actions.

Candle lit passions,
Accompanied by wineโ€ฆ

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